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Seal Coating

Sealcoating is a quick and easy way to add curb appeal to your asphalt driveway, road or parking lot, but what does it do exactly? For starters, as a surface protectant, sealer acts as a coating for your asphalt pavement, blocking out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing moisture penetration from the elements, and helping to prevent oxidation. In addition, a good quality sand-mix sealer fills small cracks in your pavement’s surface. When applied in conjunction with a hot rubberized crack sealing program, the pavement’s natural deterioration rate drops dramatically. If you are at all unsure of how often you should be applying seal coating to the property that you own or manage, you have got to give the Charlotte sealcoating experts at RAM Pavement a call.

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According to Transportation Department studies from five different states, a regular pavement maintenance program, like Ram Pavement’s Charlotte sealcoating plan, can help prevent costly overhaul and repaving expenses. For every $1 spent in pavement maintenance, $10 is saved in replacement costs. And, according to a fifteen year study by the Asphalt Institute, a 40,000 sq. yd. parking lot utilizing a regular program of preventative sealcoating and crack repair saved approximately $45,000 in rehabilitation costs over the course of the study term. Our reputation and long-standing relationships with top property managers and business owners in the Charlotte area are earned through always looking out for our customers’ long-term investment interests. Connect with a team member at RAM Pavement to get a free quote for your pavement maintenance and asphalt coating or come on by and talk with one of our expert sealcoating specialists here in Charlotte.