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Liquid Road Treatments

Liquid Road is a polymer modified, fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion coating that dries quicker than sealers. In fact, Liquid Road is a Bituminous Surface Treatment – and NOT a seal coat. Polymer modification ensures maximum flexibility, weather resistance and adhesion to the pavement. Fiber reinforcement provides flexural strength resulting in a more durable surface coating. It protects against oxidation, moisture penetration, and chemicals. This is a great application for any type of private street, commercial property, and secondary roads. All Liquid Road is applied at a .6 gallons per square yard. On some intersections we even apply a third coat to ensure longevity of the pavement.

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RAM Pavement Services in Charlotte, North Carolina, has met or exceeded all of the integrity, equipment, personnel, financial, training, insurance, licensing, and marketing requirements to qualify as a SealMaster Liquid Road Applicator. RAM Pavement Services has demonstrated the ability to proficiently apply SealMaster Liquid Road with excellence. Your property will look tremendous after liquid road treatments are applied, and RAM Pavement is the best team in the Carolinas to apply this treatment for you.