Susan Hacket

Susan Hackett

Susan Hackett is the CEO of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC, which she founded in 2011 after serving for 22 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel in Washington, DC.

Susan specializes in helping law departments (and the law firms and other legal service providers who support them) re-think and re-engineer the way they work. She guides law departments through strategic change processes, as they move from the way they used to work, to explore how they will provide value and client results in the future. She helps her clients leverage leadership, operations, change, data and technology practices to deliver measurable results and  improve collaboration.

Her practice includes: strategic planning, establishing metrics and continuous improvement processes, benchmarking leading knowledge practices, assessing workflow and staffing options in-house, improving the value outside counsel deliver, evaluating technology and data options, re-engineering legal operations and service delivery, and more.

Often referred to as “the voice of the in-house bar,” Susan is known for:

  • hosting ACC’s first networks for CLOs and legal operations executives,
  • creating and launching (2008) the ACC Value Challenge (to re-connect value to the cost of legal services),
  • developing “leading practice” protocols for law departments,
  • developing the first comprehensive resource libraries, educational curriculum, and periodicals designed for in-house practitioners,
  • advocacy leadership to protect legal professional privilege, promote in-house ethics standards, and establish better regulation of the profession via multi-jurisdictional and -disciplinary practice reforms, and
  • establishing CPBO – with the Pro Bono Institute, and ACC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives (with the diverse bars, and with StreetLaw).